CPTUCentral Procurement Technical Unit (Bangladesh)
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At greater depths exceeding 2 m, the stable cohesionless sand deposits (unaffected by the tsunami) could be established from the CPT and CPTU profiles (Figures 2 and 3).
CPTU of the Ministry will make available e- GP Portal Dashboard and training to selected focal persons of the Bank for the use of payment system under e- GP.
It would be achieved by strengthening the ongoing reform process and moving it further along with the following outputs: (i) enhanced capacity in creating a sustained program of developing skilled procurement professionals, (ii) strengthened management and monitoring of procurement in target agencies, (iii) introduction of electronic government procurement in those agencies and CPTU on a pilot basis, and (iv) creation of greater public awareness of a well functioning public procurement system by engaging civil society, think tanks, beneficiaries, and the private sector.