CPUCCalifornia Public Utilities Commission
CPUCColorado Public Utilities Commission (regulatory body)
CPUCCouncil of the Princeton University Community (Princeton, NJ)
CPUCCentral Philippine Union Conference (Cebu City, Philippines)
CPUCCollingwood Public Utilities Commission (Ontario, Canada)
CPUCCurrent Procurement Unit Cost
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The CPUC has started the process to introduce a new area code to the area now served by the 805 area code, as the 805 is now expected to use up its available prefixes by June 2018 due to increased demand.
gov/aboutcops, allows users to view aggregate compliance statistics, and enables the CPUC to allocate resources to ensure effective oversight.
SCE s ex parte notice filed today with the CPUC references a conversation Stephen Pickett, former SCE executive vice president of External Relations, had in March 2013 with Michael Peevey, then president of the CPUC.
To that end, Engage 360 was developed through a year-long process based on an in-depth, collaborative approach between CPUC staff and the utilities.
According to Betsy Hite, a CAHF spokesperson, the association filed April 23 with CPUC requesting the exemption.
When the report was completed, and we saw how many unused numbers there were, we decided that we would not have to go with a backup plan either for many years,'' said Helen Mickiewicz, a CPUC spokeswoman.
We expect that our students will benefit from her service on the CPUC.
Now, the CPUC is proposing to the California Air Resources Board that it adopt a program of auctioning off at least some of the greenhouse gas allocations.
The Integrated Planning Process was developed to ensure that key information on transmission costs and feasibility are provided to the CEC, CPUC, resource developers and Load Serving Entities in a timely fashion.
Additionally, the CPUC approved temporary surcharges in Region I water service areas of GSWC to recover previously incurred supply costs of approximately $2,019,000 recorded in the supply cost memorandum accounts.
During that time, the state, and in particular the CPUC, has stabilized the wholesale energy market, issued rules to insure all customers share in the costs incurred to buy electricity during the crisis and assigned responsibility for the long term electricity contracts to the utilities.
SCE added a special summer 2007 track to its solicitation in response to a CPUC assigned commissioner ruling on near-term reliability needs.