CPUECatch Per Unit Effort (fishing industry)
CPUECapacité Pulmonaire Utilisable à l'Effort (French)
CPUEChest Pain of Undetermined Etiology (digestive sciences)
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yalobushensis, we conducted an indicator species analysis including CPUE of the following: each crayfish (excluding H.
0594) in the CPUE of flatfish with increasing pause duration (Table 1).
2011) reported that is notable the high proportion of bycatch-positive sets and high CPUE for green turtles in the bottom set nets at Constante port (56%; 2.
Finally, these findings clearly show that increasing and/or higher temperatures supported higher CPUE values.
These factors limit the effort in a fishery that exhibits low CPUE.
Correlacion entre CPUE y los factores ambientales: Al aplicar la prueba de regresion multiple, fue necesario destacar que esta necesitaba cumplir con el supuesto de homogeneidad de varianza, esto es, que cada parametro analizado mostrara una variacion definida por un mismo origen, condicion que por las caracteristicas altamente heterogeneas en el comportamiento natural de las variables ambientales en lagunas costeras, dificulto el analisis estadistico mencionado.
Holding all other terms constant, the model outputs predict CPUE values for each of these cells.
The socioeconomic impacts on the operation of the fishery and on the usefulness of drift gillnet CPUE data for stock assessments are discussed.
In Boa Esperanca community, where we registered the higher quantity of hunting events with spotlighting, it was possible to verify a trend of an increase in average CPUE at nights with lower illumination levels ([r.
The following research questions and a priori hypotheses were tested to evaluate the association between habitat, relative abundance, and CPUE of Northern Clearwater Crayfish based on gender, age, and landscape scale factors.
The Chao2 estimate of salamander species richness and CPUE was higher for visual encounter surveys than other sampling methods (Table 1, Fig.
Pearson's correlation analyses (Sokal and Rohlf, 1981) were used to test correlations between CPUE and BPUE of Baja California killifish versus each biotic (exotic fishes) or abiotic (physicochemical) variable for each drainage.