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3 was applied to each pair of monthly CPUE data by ML to obtain initial catchability values for each class size, zone (cell) and month.
For conditional CPUE models, we used a form of jack-knifing, iteratively leaving out a single year of data, to internally validate the GAM.
The following research questions and a priori hypotheses were tested to evaluate the association between habitat, relative abundance, and CPUE of Northern Clearwater Crayfish based on gender, age, and landscape scale factors.
The Chao2 estimate of salamander species richness and CPUE was higher for visual encounter surveys than other sampling methods (Table 1, Fig.
Pearson's correlation analyses (Sokal and Rohlf, 1981) were used to test correlations between CPUE and BPUE of Baja California killifish versus each biotic (exotic fishes) or abiotic (physicochemical) variable for each drainage.
Roach and perch were the predominant species in all three lakes, roach having a higher CPUE than perch in the reference lake, whereas the opposite was observed in the affected lakes (Fig.
Results are reported as CPUE, which is a mean value of the abundance of each species for the three tows.
Table 1: Total allowable catch and harvest 1991-2002 CPUE Year TACC Catch Caught (kg/pot (t) (t) (%) lift 1991 3,793 2,957 78 0.
During the presubsidy period, average daily catch was 44 pounds and CPUE 3.
An assessment of the relationship between CPUE and abundance was undertaken for black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) and a preliminary assessment was conducted for moose (Alces alces).