CPWGChild Protection Working Group (consortium)
CPWGConnecticut Parkinson's Working Group
CPWGCloud Properties Working Group (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program)
CPWGCompound Pulse Wave Generator (product feature)
CPWGCross Party Working Group (UK)
CPWGCommunications Procedures Working Group
CPWGCar Parking Working Group (UK and Ireland)
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The transmission magnitudes (frequency sweep) of CPW and CPWG without particles are shown in Figure 5(a).
l] height CPW CPWG 635 [micro]m 245 [micro]m 1300 [micro]m Conductor (copper) [rho] ([OMEGA] * m) t [W.
3) Nonstandard abbreviations: TAT, turnaround time; CPWG, Clinical Pathology Work Group; TCC, transitional cell carcinoma; and CF, cystic fibrosis.
Commonly used abbreviations: CPWG (City of Toronto Committee on Public Walks and Gardens); CTA (City of Toronto Archives); CWH (City of Toronto Commitee on Wharves and Harbours); GTR (Grand Trunk Railway); GWR (Great Western Railway); H & T (Hamilton & Toronto Railway); MTLB (Metropolitan Toronto Library Board); NAC (National Archives of Canada); NR (Northern Railway, formerly Ontario, Simcoe & Huron Railroad Union Company, or OS & HR); OA (Archives of Ontario, Manuscripts); OAMC (Archives of Ontario Map Collection); ROM (Royal Ontario Museum); T & G (Toronto & Guelph Railway); THCA (Toronto Harbour Commission Archives).
See also in CTA, RG5/E, box 1 file 1 (Toronto Esplanade Arbitration); CPWG year-end report, Dec 31 1862 in CTA RG1/A; and THCA, box 6 vol 5 (Vaughan Roberts papers, being a collection of the useful newspaper clippings).
With input from the above analysis, finalise a DRR and CP one-two page summary guidance, as a deliverable of the DRR and systems strengthening Taskforce under the CPWG, giving input to the formatting and publishing of this document through Plan International s point of contact.