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CRABPCellular Retinoic Acid Binding Protein (genetics)
CRABPCytoplasmic Retinoic Acid Binding Protein (dermatology)
CRABPComplex Between Retinoic Acid-Binding Protein (biochemistry)
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In relapsing patients, high levels of CRABP-II were detected in APL cells but not before ATRA therapy, suggesting that in a hypermetabolic state, excess CRABP might bind ATRA and prevent drug transport to the nucleus [57].
This might be due to their lower affinity for CRABP compared with ATRA, which has progressive reduction of plasma levels with continuous treatment.
To examine the correlation of CRABP expression and RA during adipocyte differentiation of bovine intramuscular fibroblast-like cells, we next determined the expression of CRABPs mRNA in these cells.
These results suggest that bovine CRABP-II is highly similar to other CRABPs and may play the same role in biological functions.
These results represent the first report of CRABP expression during adipocyte differentiation of bovine intramuscular fibroblast-like cells by RA and it appears that CRABPs are differentially expressed during adipogenesis and modulated by RA concentrations.
These results suggest that CRABPs may play an important role in the regulation of intracellular retinoic acid concentrations during adipogenesis.