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CRACCareers Research and Advisory Centre (UK)
CRACComputer Room Air Conditioner
CRACContract-Relax, Antagonist-Contract (stretching technique)
CRACCalcium Release Activated Calcium Channel
CRACCollect Respect Anna Check (band)
CRACCollectif des Riverains Anti Centrale (France)
CRACChiropractic Research Abstracts Collection
CRACColorectal Adenoma and Carcinoma
CRACCourse Resources Acquisition Course
CRACChild Rights Action Coalition (Nigeria)
CRACCoaxial Removable Anode Cup
CRACConstruction Research Advisory Committee
CRACCommittee for Rules and Consequences (St. Lawrence District Youth Activities; Canada)
CRACCeramic Reliability Analysis Center (Korea)
CRACCanterbury Recreational Aircraft Club, Inc (North Canterbury New Zealand)
CRACConclusion, Rule, Analysis, and Conclusion
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What can be said about these regions, as opposed to those that exceed rack temperature specifications, is that these regions have adequate CRAC cooling capacity, which is not true with the other regions.
By replacing our incumbent Liebert CRACs with Core4 systems, we've cut our cooling-related energy consumption by an astounding 72 percent, have been approved for a $153,000 rebate from PG&E, are saving more than $11,600 per month, and have cut our power utilization efficiency (PUE) rating from 1.
In addition, since calcium is an important intracellular signaling molecule, CRAC channels play a role in signaling pathways that are particularly important in immune cell and secretory cell function.
It generally relies on sensors that are integral to the CRAC unit and therefore can be a completely stand alone cooling system that is attractive for resilience and redundancy within the data center.
Ramirez said CRAC was created in 1996 during the administration of interim governor Angel Aguirre Rivero, a member of the PRI.
Large yellow and red signs have been posted outside shops and houses around Canton for weeks and CRAC members have been walking around the area with 'Vote No To CPZ' t-shirts urging people to vote against the proposed scheme.
On November 23, 1998, CRAC, the Prairie Hills Audubon Society, the South Dakota Peace and Justice Center and the Humane Farming Association filed suit in Washington, D.
A CRAC survey of 1,000 students at 45 British universities showed an "astonishing" 86pc expected to get a first or a 2:1, Mr Thomas said, while 60pc gained one of the top two classes of degree.
Our First Amendment rights were taken away," says CRAC co-founder Oleta Mednansky.
There are nine CAV chilled-water-cooling CRAC units serving the data center labs.
Bu'n ymgynghorydd rhaglenni crefyddol ar bwyllgor CRAC gydag ITV Prydain.
Be cool, not cold Determine whether you really need all your CRAC units on and at the temperature they are set.