CRADACooperative Research And Development Agreement
CRADACooperative Research and Development Act of 1984
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Under this CRADA, Orbital ATK is better able to support SMC in being the guardians of assured access to space, said Scott Lehr, President of Orbital ATKs Flight Systems Group.
In conjunction, SillaJen will supply Pexa-Vec for the clinical trial while PD-L1 and CTLA-4 antibodies will be provided by a third party to NCI under a separate CRADA.
The CRADA allows the two organizations to bring together their unique expertise and capabilities in material development as well as product development," says Behnam Pourdeyhimi, director of The Nonwovens Institute.
Under the CRADA, the two parties will exchange technical information and test existing and developmental SIGINT payloads to better understand the performance of airborne SIGINT systems against signals-of-interest.
The CRADA with NREL is part of Xethanol's portfolio of research and consulting agreements on renewable energy with leading research institutions including Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia; the Forest Products Lab of the US Department of Agriculture, in Madison, Wisconsin; the USDA in Winter Haven, Florida, and the Energy and Environmental Research Lab in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
Under the terms of the CRADA, entitled "Enhancing lnvestigational New Drug Application (IND)/New Drug Application (NDA) Review Quality via Quantifying Prior Knowledge," AAPS and the FDA will look to advance current research by supporting the development of Alzheimer's disease-state models.
A CRADA is a legal agreement between a government entity and one or more nongovernment parties, such as private industry or academia.
Ultimately, the expertise and experience brought by the parties to this CRADA will help develop a means by which to assess exposure and risks to pollutants that pose the greatest health risks to the American public.
USJFCOM may provide personnel, facilities, and equipment to perform the cooperative research, but may not provide funds to support the CRADA.
The CRADA is grant in which the USDA and a commercial company work together to jointly develop some type of technology," she said.
NIST originally developed the methodology for characterization of low-k RD under a CRADA with International SEMATECH (ISMT).
Under the CRADA, NREL will develop superior strains of a patented bacterium that could lead to faster, more efficient and cheaper fermentation of rice straw into ethanol.