CRAIMConseil pour la Réduction des Accidents Industriels Majeurs (French: Council for the Reduction of Major Industrial Accidents; Canada)
CRAIMCollège Rhône-Alpin de l'Information Médicale
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Is the subject of providing the acquisition of a technological solution whose aim is both to support the needs of CRAIM (Research Center for the Analysis of Multimedia Information) in the storage and processing of digital content in various formats (text, web, audio and video) is the realization of a system of ~Broadcasting Intelligence to support the process of analysis of open source (Open Source INTelligence - OSINT).
CRAIM, the Montreal chapter of the now-defunct Major Industrial Accidents Council of Canada (MIACC), prepared a list of toxic and hazardous substances based on different sources, such as MIACC's Lists 1 and 2 as well as the U.