CRARCapital-To-Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio
CRARCommercial Rent Arrears Recovery (UK)
CRARCritically Reflexive Action Research
CRARCredit Report Authorization and Release
CRARCenter for Research Animal Resources (Cornell University)
CRARCarl Rogers Akademie Ruhr (German: Carl Rodgers Academy Ruhr; Ruhr, Germany; est. 1994)
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CRAR cannot be used to recover unpaid service charges, business rates, insurance charges etc, even if they are reserved as rent in the lease.
Higher the CRAR, lower the need to external funding and therefore higher profitability.
The proceeds from the issuance will be used to support the asset growth and maintain comfortable level of CRAR (Capital to Risk weighted Assets Ratio).
This membership is predicated on the fulfilment of certain criteria such as size, experience, an assessment of internal systems, processes and procedures, CRAR and other norms, capacity assessment rating, etc.
Steve Cox, commercial property management partner, said: "Landlords will be particularly concerned regarding the prior notice requirement, which could give a tenant the opportunity to move any items of value to a secure location or to dispose of them, restricting the usefulness of CRAR.
CRAR will still allow landlords to enter tenants' premises and seize goods, but only on certain conditions being satisfied.
Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor, RBI on CRAR of RRBs, Government had initiated the process of recapitalization of 40 financially weak RRBs in 2009-10.
7% including Q3 FY12 PAT) and total CRAR stood at 16.
NABARD had strong capitalization level as on March 31, 2010 with CRAR at 24.
The current average CRAR for the scheduled commercial banks is over 13 per cent while Tier I ratio is about seven per cent.
Landlords should seek legal advice on their position with regard to their leases because CRAR can be avoided by a tenant if the lease fails to expressly prohibit any part of the building to be let as a dwelling, and the tenant uses part of the premises as a dwelling.