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CRASECornell Restaurant Administration Simulation Exercise (virtual management game)
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We needed the technology to meet our mission, and AT&T had the experience to do the right planning and show us the right options," says Crase.
Most people probably know Crase better for a project that he started with his wonderful wife, Nancy, back in 1969.
Crase thinks many of them stem from the way techs are viewed by the rest of the medical profession.
It is also claimed that they are able to build capacity by employing specialist expertise, provide higher quality services, ensure that resources are distributed more equitably, foster economic development, and enhance regional planning and coordination (Tindal and Tindal 2000; Bish 1999; Garcia and Le Sage 2005; Vince 1997; Dollery and Crase 2004).
In the course of an encomium on Douglas Crase, Koethe refers to Crase's recovery of "Whitman through Ashbery," the way in which Crase "enlists the rhetorical and psychological strategies of the poet many castigate as our most private and hermetic in the service of a public, Emersonian project of reclamation of his own.
William Chen Chwee Lye Chng Julia Cowell Darrell Crase William H.
I stand firmly, 100 percent behind breast-feeding," said Betty Crase, director of the Center for Breast-Feeding Information at La Leche League International.
Cliff Crase A member of the Athlete with Disabilities Hall of Fame, Mr.
In August of 2007, one of my best friends, Cliff Crase, left this world to go to a better place.
The ongoing concentration on amalgamation as the primary policy instrument for local government reform underlines the traditional view of Australian local government policy makers that 'bigger is better' in local governance (Dollery and Crase, 2006).
In addition, each state and territory local government jurisdiction has its own Local Government Grants Commission which directs Commonwealth funding to local government, as well as state monies (Dollery, Crase and Johnson, 2006).
Admitted to practice: 1991) In July 2008, Crase was found guilty of seven felony counts of conspiracy and mail fraud.