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CRASHCanadians for Responsible and Safe Highways
CRASHCare Rehabilitation and Aid for Sick Hedgehogs (UK)
CRASHCoalition for Reclaiming Area Streets on Halloween
CRASHCALSPAN Reconstruction of Accident Speeds On the Highway
CRASHCommunity Resources And Self Help
CRASHCitizens for Reliable and Safety Highways
CRASHColor, Rank and Shape (defense against a strong club opening in bridge game)
CRASHCounty Residents' Action for Safer Highways (Maryland)
CRASHCatastrophic, Restart, Abort, Silent, Hindering (types of system failures)
CRASHClass Race Age Sex Handicap
CRASHClaims Research Automotive Support Hotline
CRASHCommunity Resources Against Street Hoodlums (LAPD)
CRASHCurrent Reality As Seen Here
References in classic literature ?
All of a sudden the whole region fairly rocked under the crash of eleven hundred and one thunder blasts, all let off at once, and Sandy says, -
The next moment the heavy implement was raised aloft; the next, there was a crash and a squall, and the cat was off on three legs to meet an engagement; Roxy would arrive just as the lamp or a window went to irremediable smash.
and the crash of an empty bottle against the back of his aunt's woodshed brought him wide awake, and a single minute later he was dressed and out of the win- dow and creeping along the roof of the "ell" on all fours.
To this end, I had sat well back on the form, and while seeming to be busy with my sum, had held my slate in such a manner as to conceal my face: I might have escaped notice, had not my treacherous slate somehow happened to slip from my hand, and falling with an obtrusive crash, directly drawn every eye upon me; I knew it was all over now, and, as I stooped to pick up the two fragments of slate, I rallied my forces for the worst.
There she lay dashing her head against the arm of the sofa, and grinding her teeth, so that you might fancy she would crash them to splinters
And at that very moment a door must have been opened somewhere downstairs; for a great rushing draft blew along the passage and the door of the room they sat in was blown open with a crash, and as they both jumped to their feet the light was blown out and the crying sound was swept down the far corridor so that it was to be heard more plainly than ever.
Miss Pross looked up, saw what it was, struck at it, struck out a flash and a crash, and stood alone--blinded with smoke.
She did not get hold of anything, but she heard a little shriek and a fall, and a crash of broken glass, from which she concluded that it was just possible it had fallen into a cucumber-frame, or something of the sort.
Inside the house there was a great crash and splash, and the noise of a pail rolling over and over.
My words were cut short by a crash outside, and a simultaneous crash inside me, which impelled me through space with a velocity that precluded speech.
Now works its iron will, the startled sand Blinding the combatants together locked In the death-grip; while hill and vale and stream Glow with the flash and crash of arms.
The crash and swing of the great drama made him lean forward, intent-eyed, his face working in small contortions.