CRDLChippewa River District Library (Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA)
CRDLContract Data Requirements List (US DoD)
CRDLContract-Required Detection Limit
CRDLCaterpillar Reman Driveline LLC (Fargo, ND)
CRDLCARE Research & Development Laboratory
CRDLCentro Regionale della Danza del Lazio
CRDLCassa Rurale di Darzo e Lodrone
CRDLCanberra Roller Derby League (Australia)
CRDLCariboo Regional District Library (Canada)
CRDLCentral Research and Development Labs (Toyota)
CRDLCritical Requirements Deficiency List
CRDLChemical and Radiation Detection Laboratory (Sandia National Laboratories, California)
CRDLContract Requirement(s) Data List (usually seen as CDRL)
CRDLCanadian Roller Derby Promotions
CRDLCentral Republican Diagnostic Laboratory
CRDLContrats Régionaux de Développement des Lycées
CRDLConseil Régionnal de Développement Lanaudière
CRDLChemical Research & Development Laboratories (US Army)
CRDLCA Ransom District Library
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Au palier regional, le CRDL s'est oppose aux principes de discrimination positive dans l'emploi : << en toute equite pour la population de la communaute d'accueil, les personnes issues de l'immigration ne doivent pas beneficier de plus de services ou de privileges >> (CRDL 2004 : 10).
As per to CRDL, at the present time Scholz is considerably over-leveraged, therefore its equity value is at present negative.
As SiC enables higher efficiency than silicon alone, Toyota CRDL and Denso began basic research in the 1980s, with Toyota participating from 2007 to jointly develop SiC semiconductors for practical use.