CRE8Center for Regional Economics 8th District (Missouri)
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Under the terms of the acquisition agreement CRE8 is acquiring all equity in MDEV in return for a consideration paid in cash and shares.
The Lichfield-based CRE8 company, which began in 2004, is currently looking for new members.
Following the keynote, Microsoft is delivering a hands-on training session for CRE8 conference attendees.
Jointly, CRE8 and Mobile Gaming Solutions are well positioned to address the mobile gaming market and deliver world class technology and services.
This new agreement with Chilevision will enable CRE8 to develop new mobile business opportunities throughout the complete "on air" schedule of the television station.
Nicolas Barrera Rios, General Manager of the Americas at CRE8 comments: "Our relationship with Telefonica Movistar has enabled us to secure a number of international business opportunities throughout Central America.
CRE8, through its subsidiary MDEV in Brazil, has a strong track record for developing embedded client applications and user interfaces for mobile handsets.
CRE8 will base its finance, administration, and business development functions in Austin in order to significantly reduce its cost base, have access to a highly trained workforce and gain exposure to potential new customers and investors.
AGI's CRE8 conference, held in Orlando, FL May 9-10, provides an opportunity for creative, marketing and communication professionals to get an in-depth understanding of Adobe's CS3 applications.
CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand -- CRE8 (NZAX:PLS) announced today the acquisition of Mobile Development Limitada (MDEV), a company that specializes in the production and distribution of content services to mobile operators and corporations in Brazil.
CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand -- CRE8 (NZE:PLS) announced today the acquisition of Multiecast Limitada, a leading provider of interactive content services for mobile phone operators and media companies in South America.
BOSTON -- Aquent Graphics Institute (AGI), an Aquent firm that provides training, consulting, and support relating to print, Web, video, and mobile publishing, announced that it has partnered with the Creative Professional Association to deliver the CRE8 conference for creative, marketing, and communications professionals.