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CREDALCentre de Recherche et de Documentation sur l'Amérique Latine (French: Center for Research and Documentation on Latin America)
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19] In his al-Durus, Shahid I further adds that the wilaya is a credal issue, and is not a part of the adhan.
The discrepancy between the obvious and the mysterious is not simply a source of institutional conflict, religious wars and credal clashes, however.
That is, the autocephalous, "national" Orthodox Churches that accept the credal definitions of the seven ecumenical councils (Nicaea I [325] to Nicaea II [787]) and recognize the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople as their primus inter pares.
Radhakrishnan (1927) observed, "The term 'Hindu' had originally a territorial and not a credal significance" (p.
48) Bell, Yusuf 'Ali, and Ben-Shemesh understand the phrase as "Hear what is not heard,"(49) and both Bell and Ben-Shemesh suggest that this is an indirect reference to the Jewish requirement of reciting the credal statement of Jewish monotheism known as the Shema.
The primary tools were appropriated credal systems and rituals.
There is the danger in our time that the term "faith" will be collapsed into a bloodless, intellectualistic acceptance of credal statements.
Several authors have recently argued that the best explanation is provided by a particular account of belief, which this essay calls pragmatic credal reductivism.
To view all these (and 23 other religious subjects) within a single space, is a demanding yet rewarding encounter with the complex visual and credal dimensions of Victorian religiosity.
He uses a statistical analysis of grammatical voice and body-part terms in O'Connor's fiction to increase our understanding of the body's ineluctable centrality for O'Connor and to underscore her belief in the credal proposition of the resurrection of the body: he contends that the use of "computational and stylistic methodology .
With the playing out of rival positions, credal grouping hardened into discrete evangelical-traditionalist categories.
It is not by a simple coincidence that the first credal formulations were elaborated for and used within baptismal liturgies.