CREEFCentre for Research in European Economics and Finance (Loughborough University; UK)
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CREEF, supra note 37, at 100 (quoting Glen Masato Mimura) (internal quotes omitted).
Reviewing three recent texts, Kandice Chuh's Imagine Otherwise, Elena Creefs Imagining Japanese America, and Gayatri Gopinath's Impossible Desires, each of which traces the contours of three different "impossible subjects"--Asian American, Japanese American, and queer South Asian diasporic female--Kang illustrates how these books serve less as "sites of origin and identity" than as "dense archives of cultural, discursive, and epistemological struggle .
Creefs critical project is situated in and across several disciplines--literary studies, film studies, art history--and interdisciplinary fields: "Imaging Japanese America deliberately engages multiple theoretical discourses from women's studies, ethnic studies, and visual culture, and uses the methodological approaches from feminist theory, semiotics, and literary analysis" (10).