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CREEPCommittee for the Re-Election of the President (Nixon's 1972 campaign organization)
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I don't like to LOOK out of the windows even--there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast.
It is so pleasant to be out in this great room and creep around as I please!
For outside you have to creep on the ground, and everything is green instead of yellow.
But here I can creep smoothly on the floor, and my shoulder just fits in that long smooch around the wall, so I cannot lose my way.
But he did, and right across my path by the wall, so that I had to creep over him every time!
I hate to see it sometimes, it creeps so slowly, and always comes in by one window or another.
Never in my life did I creep before the powerful; and if ever I lied, then did I lie out of love.
she cried, "throw over me the mantle of thy protection; let me creep into the shadow of thy strength, that I may be saved.
Minute by minute, the deathly cold creeps nearer to the sleeping man.
To reduce creep deformation and improve mechanical properties, compatibilizers have often been considered.
All of the reported 34 bending creep test series (with 340 specimens), were performed with two-part laminated spruce (Picea abies) specimens according to the European structural adhesive creep test standard EN 15416-3.
Abstract: Electromigration, creep and thermal fatigue are the most important aspects of solder joint reliability, the failure mechanisms of which used to be investigated separately.