CRELCommercial Real Estate Loan
CRELChemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory (Washington University in St. Louis and Kasetsart University)
CRELCOMSOL Reaction Engineering Lab (software)
CRELCentro Regionale Etnografico Linguistico (Italian: Regional Center of Ethnography Language)
CRELCircular Regional Externa de Lisboa
CRELCentrica Renewable Energy Ltd. (Windsor, Berkshire, England, UK)
CRELCentre for Reproduction and Early Life (University of Nottingham; UK)
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Conflict is an inherently human problem--a contest of wills--best approached by those with the requisite CREL competencies to understand the human dimension.
If we use the minimum rather than the maximum chemical emissions in Table 1, the modeled direct and indirect CREL hazard quotients still exceed 1.
That said, extensions could allow CREL CDO properties time to bring below market occupancies in line with their respective markets and stabilize property cash flows going forward.
Following a sharp spike late last year, CREL CDO late-pays fell for a second straight month to 12.
Army clearly understands that CREL competencies and capabilities enable our Soldiers to gain a deep understanding of the operational environment (OE), connect with host nation (HN) security forces and engage the population--key to success in the prevent, shape, and win construct of a globally responsive and regionally engaged Army.
The historical high-water mark for CREL CDO delinquencies remains 14.
All 35 Fitch-rated CREL CDOs reported delinquencies in December, from 1 percent to 44 percent of 1,100 loans and 350 securities/assets.
5 billion as performing assets in CREL CDOs continue to payoff and asset managers resolve defaulted and credit risk assets.
According to Fitch's CREL CDO Delinquency Index, new delinquencies in September included loans secured by office properties (eight loans); land and properties under construction (six loans); and hospitality properties (nine loans, of which eight were related to a single Resorts International loan).
CREL CDOs delinquencies dropped for the fourth straight month, falling below 12% for the first time since August 2011.
Approximately 78% of the CREL are whole loans or A-notes with the remainder B-notes or mezzanine loans.