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CREPConservation Reserve Enhancement Program
CREPCentre de Ressources Éducatives et Pédagogiques (French: Center for Teaching and Learning Resources; Canada)
CREPCancer Risk Evaluation Program (healthcare)
CREPContract Repair Enhancement Program
CREPCounseling and Related Educational Programs
CREPConservation and Environmental Program
CREPCourt Referral Education Programs
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By coupling conservation initiatives with landowner incentives, CREP has been able to achieve large-scale restoration of natural areas on private lands to stabilize soil, improve water quality, and support wildlife (Allen 2005).
This map was examined, and based on visual interpretation, possible CREP sites were identified and circled.
Patients who scored above the median in tests of verbal memory had significantly more robust improvements with the CREP program than those patients who had deficits in this area: Some of the patients with poor memory who received treatment, in fact, did no better than more intact controls, Dr.
In addition to this research focus, another priority for CREP is to assist schools and districts in building the capacity and ability to make data-driven decisions aimed at attaining Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards.
Money from CREP will dovetail nicely with TNC's Green River Bioreserve.
An excellent example of this new program is the Maryland CREP, which addresses a huge regional problem that also has national impact - the degradation of Chesapeake Bay, the world's largest estuary.
NC CREP is a joint federal and state effort to protect land along watercourses that is currently in agricultural production.
This move will build upon Minnesota's most recent conservation success story, The Minnesota River CREP program" said Howard Vincent, Pheasants Forever CEO, "Minnesota CREP will benefit pheasants, water, soil and other wildlife, and provide landowners with genuine opportunities to voluntarily protect sensitive lands that can complicate farming operations.
USDA and New York are partners in implementing a CREP throughout the 12 major watersheds of the state, including the Chesapeake Bay watershed.
Service contract for services throughout the DPOs of the heritage of Aubervilliers: asbestos technical files (DTA), folders asbestos private parts (FAD), asbestos Cue work (RAAT) diagnosis asbestos pre-sales measures of dust, risk finding of exposure to lead (CREP) CREP and before work, energy performance diagnostics (DPE) .
Accord cadre multi-attributaires (mini 3 maxi 3) de DAPP et DAAT et CREP avant travaux de remise en tat des logements avant relocation