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Bowman et al, The Great Train Robbery, CRESC public interest report, 2013, pp73-4.
As estatisticas descritivas apresentam os dados antes de transformacoes, conforme procedido em analises posteriores, em que se utilizaram raiz quadrada de CRESC, Log para FOLGA, ORCA-i e TEMPO, e LN para AMBIE e TAM.
Fifthly, as the CRESC researchers note, there really is a need to foster diversity in the banking system.
CRESC research into regional trends in the New Labour period brings out a sharp contrast between one region (London) and all the rest.
CRESC made it clear from the start that they were less interested in pecuniary remuneration than in having the opportunity to make a case study of our borough and launching a much larger debate.
Michael Moran is an adjunct professor at Manchester Business School and an affiliate of CRESC at the University of Manchester.
Williams, 'Undisclosed and unsustainable: problems of the UK national business model', CRESC Working Paper Series 75, Manchester University and Open University 2009.