CRESSTCryogenic Rare Event Search using Superconducting Thermometers
CRESSTCenter for Research and Exploration in Space Science Technology (University of Maryland)
CRESSTCenter for Research on Evaluation Standards and and Student Testing
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All data collection instruments were developed by CRESST, including the staff survey, parent survey, and interview and observation protocols.
Studies by CRESST have found that language mastery is in part based on how well students have mastered their own language, family income level, and how educated their parents are.
The procedures and methods of scoring from the CRESST Performance Assessment Models manual (Baker et al.
LUX's results are [also] in direct conflict with DAMA, COGENT, and CRESST.
This report summarizes CRESST findings thus far, describing the evidence-centered design framework guiding assessment development for both Smarter Balanced and PARCC as well as each consortia's plans for system development and validation.
The CRESST instruments used for data collection included staff and parent surveys, taperecorded and transcribed interviews, and observation protocols at each of the 14 sites, two from each of the seven exemplary programs.
Third Graders' perceptions of Math, Reading and Assessment, Technical Report 395 CRESST.
2003 CRESST Conference, UCLA Sunset Village Conference Center, Los Angeles, Calif.
But out of 46 portfolio assessments listed in the CRESST Alternative Assessments in Practice Database, only 13 report data on rarer agreement (CRESST 1993).
At the moment, no consensus has been reached on whether DAMA, CoGeNT, and CRESST are seeing dark matter particles or are merely being tricked by some poorly understood background that somehow manages to mimic the signal we have long expected to see from WIMPs.