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CRETINChristian Republican Evangelical Teaching International Network
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Cretin has also expressed his belief that the intensive exchange of information and mutual trust, which have been built, are a good premise for achieving positive results.
If I showed you my books, you wouldn't believe it," Cretin says.
Margolis and Cretin address many practical issues in their book, such as who signs off on a completed practice guideline, what methods are available for consensus building in a diverse group, and what measures are useful in monitoring the success or failure of an established guideline.
He attended Cretin High School (now Cretin-Derham Hall) and entered the Navy to serve in World War II.
Plebgate How two-faced can this sick cretin Cameron get?
Borisov spoke to the media Wednesday after meeting at the Council of Ministers with Thierry Cretin, Director of Directorate A (Operations and Investigations I) in OLAF, the anti-fraud office of the European Commission.
Obviously he is a completely dysfunctional character and a cretin but he happens to be a genius melodist," he added with a giggle.
Cretin foreign petroleum giants including, Shell, Total, BP, Sinoc and OMW will attend the two day international conference on Iran Gas Export.
Mr Michel Cretin (France), Mr Henri Grethen (Luxembourg) and Mr Harald Noack (Germany) will replace Mr Bernicot, Mr Colling and Mrs von Wedel respectively when their terms of office end.
Pity they weren't as eager to prosecute when the swan was being run down, by the cretin on the River Conwy.
In fact, future commentaries on this dizain should accord a special place of honor to Dom Nicolle Lescarre, laureate at the puy competition in Rouen at least seven times--in 1512, 1513, 1514, 1515, 1517,1521 and 1524 -- a record surpassed only by Pierre Apvril, who was crowned ten times, and almost equaled by three other poets: Guillaume Tasserie and Guillaume Thibault (each rewarded six times), and Guillaume Cretin (rewarded five times).
It's a dismal and depressing place, infested with swarms of hooded cretin creatures.