CRFACentre Régional de Formation a l'Animation (French: Regional Center for Training in Animation)
CRFACanadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
CRFACanadian Renewable Fuels Association
CRFACancer Research Foundation of America
CRFACertified Retirement Financial Advisor
CRFACentre de Réadaptation Fonctionnelle pour Adultes (French: Functional Rehabilitation Center for Adults)
CRFACommon Risk Factor Approach
CRFACritical Request for Action
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Main features: This contract is for the removal, decontamination and the replacement of the transformer and the current cell containing PCBs CRFA The hillside BEAUGENCY) (45,190
En este articulo se presentan los resultados de un estudio experimental para caracterizar la resistencia a tension por compresion diametral del CRFA que es elaborado con fibra ZP-306 y con concretos locales.
Garth Whyte, president and chief executive of the CRFA said: "When we heard Graham Tinsley was available, we could not pass up this tremendous opportunity to feature a chef of his experience at our marquee event.
18) Several recent estimates suggest costs of approximately $150-220 per menu item for nutritional analysis: Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association, Nutrition Information for Foods Sold in Restaurants and Foodservice Establishments: A User's Guide to Implementing the CRFA Voluntary Guidelines for Providing Nutrition Information to Consumers (2007), online: CRFA <http://www.
Contact: Phil von Finckenstein, CRFA, phone 613-889-1530.
The CRFA, which represents some with 17,500 restaurants, bars, caterers, hotels and other foodservice establishments, points out that between 1994 and 2004, dairy prices have increased by 38.
While details of the fund are still to be worked out, the CRFA plans to move quickly to work with officials to implement budget commitment.
In 1997, CRFA developed a guide for teachers and parents in response to recommendations from software evaluators.
Since its inception, the CRFA has provided funding to more than 200 scientists at more than 100 leading academic institutions across the country.
2-percent increase over 1997 levels, according to the annual CRFA report.
CRFA recommends that individuals eat less than 20% of calories from fat, or about 30-40 grams of fat per day.
No one knows that better than Rick Parkes CRFA (r), co-founder of Diversified Estate Services.