CRFMCaribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (est. 2003)
CRFMCitizens for Responsible Forest Management (Boulder Creek, CA)
CRFMColumbia River Fish Mitigation (US Army Corps of Engineers)
CRFMCondenser, Radiator and Fan Module (automotive industry)
CRFMCaribbean Network of Fisher Folk Organisations
CRFMClinical Research Finance Manager
CRFMChloroquine-Resistant Falciparum Malaria
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423) The CRFM provides a useful model for shared management responsibilities between multiple sovereigns and could be applied to broader issues of habitat protection.
During the 8th CRFM Scientific Meeting, which took place recently in Kingstown in the St.
Every year, the CRFM scientific meeting completes evaluations of a number of major fisheries in the region to determine if the natural fish populations remain healthy, and also what management controls are required for continued and improved performance of the dependent fishing industries.