CRGICoatings Research Group, Inc. (Independence, OH)
CRGICapital Research Global Investors
CRGIConsulting Resource Group International, Inc.
CRGICanada Rubber Group, Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
CRGICity-Region Growth Incentive (UK)
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Within the CRGI there were 37 research grant recipients.
Options for how they had met included: CRGI information sessions and workshops or an annual knowledge exchange conference.
However, we also used UCINET to compare the differences in density before and after involvement in CRGI activities and events.
Our first research question asked how well integrated CRGI network members were prior to CRGI related activities.
Our second research question asked if CRGI activities affected integration.
Our third and final research question asked what changes in relationships among network members occurred after CRGI related activities.
Examining Figure 6 and Figure 7 provides a comparison of all possible ties before and after the CRGI (respectively) and illustrates the significant increase in number of connections between baseline and conclusion.
One of the primary goals for the CRGI was to increase meaningful relationships among mental health researchers in Alberta.
Future work with the CRGI could also examine the networks for betweeness centrality, which provides a measure of the shortest path between actors and may indicate the most effective means of brokering new relationships.
Both the CRGI workshops and annual conference events helped facilitate Ministry goals.
The work of the CRGI has proceeded from this vantage point since
We look forward to being an active participant and making contributions that honor the mission of CRGI.