CRIICell Robotics International, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM)
CRIICaribbean Rim Investment Initiative
CRIICorporate Resource Inventory Initiative (Canada)
CRIICooperative Research in Information Infrastructure
CRIICentre for Research Innovation and Industry (University of the West of England; UK)
CRIICustomer Returns Improvement Initiative
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Caption: The Coral CRII is now offered with the Android operating system, making training much quicker and easier, and can be supplied with a SWIRcamera[C] Elbit Systems
Rarified species numbers were higher both in SI and SII than in CRI and CRII (related to the gradient forests these were 30.
On the basis of such comparisons, primary forests are clearly distinguishable from the adjacent secondary forests (SI, SII, SIII) merging into the primary forest, which are, themselves, clearly separated from the isolated forests (CRI, CRII, CRIII).
A good example is the February 2003 Sapphire worm attack, in which systems administrators, who had presumably been put on notice by prior CRII and Nimda attacks, failed to implement simple patches which would have blocked the spread of the similar Sapphire attack.
Therefore, the overall objective of the G7 CRII is to stimulate the creation of climate risk insurance markets for vulnerable people and countries across the world.
The G7 CRII has an ambitious goal to reach 100m newly insured and 200m newly indirectly insured.
The CRII Digital X-ray Scanner is a tabletop scanner used to transfer images from