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CRIMPCentre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests (Australia)
CRIMPCommunity Road Improvement and Maintenance Project
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This is primarily due to lubricated cast bullets possessing, and needing, deeper crimp grooves than those found on jacketed bullets.
A wrong combination of crimp and wire, probably caused by the wrong crimp tool.
Besides the show floor, where some 1,700 exhibitors are highlighting the latest broadcast technologies, Crimp also urges visitors to find time to attend the IBC Conference, which comes with the theme of Truth, Trust and Transformation.
Crimp prefers the back room, but you must work your way through the front to get there.
At the heart of the bid Crimp ventures in this essay is a flourishing gay male sexual culture, built out of a profound respect for sex, a culture of various experiments in bodily pleasures.
Taper crimp is much more forgiving than roll crimp, but it is also more subtle, so this article will delve into the aspects of taper crimp.
FOR almost half a century farm fitter Ron Crimp has stayed loyal to his employer.
The cold splice crimp barrel design is similar to that of the conventional style.
Crimp will receive the Bagssponsored award at Sunday's sold-out annual awards gala at London's Park Plaza Riverside Hotel.
29 -- Platinum Tools has launched the new Tele-Titan modular crimp tool (P/N 12507).
It's called a crimp fly because it is made out of the tiny 1mm and 2mm stainless steel tubed crimps that sea and pike anglers crimp on to wire traces with pliers.