CRISMAClinical Research Investigation and Systems Modeling of Acute (University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA)
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1988, "The CRISMA Trading System: Who Says Technical Analysis Can't Beat the Market?
1989, "Exchange-Traded Options and CRISMA Trading: Who Says Technical Analysis Can't Beat the Market?
CASA using CRISMAS Clinical software supported the results from the manual assessment of semen analysis (see Supplemental Material, Table S2).
Number of participants in each regression analysis depended on the outcome variable and missing data in the covariates Supplemental Material, Table S2 CRISMAS computer assisted semen analysis (CASA) characteristics for 169 young Danish men stratified by tertiles of maternal pregnancy week 30 serum PFOA concentrations.
Furthermore, the percentages of motile, locally motile, and immotile spermatozoa were assessed by use of CRISMAS computer-aided sperm motility analyzer (CASA), as previously described by Larsen et al.
El festinado acercamiento Salinas-PAN derivo en uno de los crismas mas graves que haya enfrentado ese partido, al renunciar a Accion Nacional fundadores, exlideres nacionales y excandidatos presidenciales por considerar que su partido se habia convertido en "empresarial, pro-salinista y pragmatico".