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CRISTCentre for Research in Information Storage Technology (UK)
CRISTCentral Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology (St. Petersburg, Russia)
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In addition to friends and coworkers and viewers, I deeply apologize to Congressman Crist, who was the target of my thoughtlessness," she added.
Crist is a lifelong Oakridge resident, the kind of guy who knows everybody in town and organizes all the class reunions.
Crist joined PolyOne in 2008 as a global commercial director for the company's Geon business.
Cafodd Dali freuddwyd, a lleisau yn gorchymyn, "Dali, rhaid i ti beintio'r Crist hwn".
Crist is a former Republican governor who once said he would only visit Cuba ''when it's free.
David Crist works as a historian for the federal government and as a frequent adviser to senior government and military officials.
Throughout the work, Crist notes the activities and views of various personalities in the White House, the State and Defense Departments, USCENTCOM, and other organizations involved in formulating and implementing Iran policy.
New York Daily News quoted 56-year-old Crist, as tweeting.
Natural gas company Gasco Energy (NYSE Amex:GSX) revealed on Thursday the appointment of Richard P Crist as vice president of its Business Development and Exploration effective 1 March 2012.
Crist said the launch of CU Rx is timely given the regulatory landscape for credit unions.
That wacky synergy he had with Crist prompted some dramatically bad decisions on rates and regulations.
Having 120 new jobs coming to the Sunshine State as a result of this expansion is everything that we're all about right now," said Crist.