CRLACrater Lake National Park (US National Park Service)
CRLACollege Reading and Learning Association
CRLACalifornia Rural Legal Assistance, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
CRLACosta Rican Language Academy
CRLACornwall Residential Landlords' Association (Cornwall, England, UK)
CRLACircadian Rhythm of Locomotor Activity
CRLACentre de Recherches Latino-Américaines (French: Center for Latin-America Research)
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Bodnar said the CRLA Certification was a lengthy process, taking approximately one full year to complete.
The CRLA Controversy and the Future of Legal Services, 24 HASTINGS L.
35) For detailed accounts of the CRLA controversy, see HOUSEMAN & PERLE, supra note 33, at 15-16; Bennett & Reynoso, supra note 34, at 23 77; Falk & Pollak, supra note 34, at 608-41.
Rowdy comedian Carlos Mencia hosted the evening, which was all about raising funds for the CRLA (www.
A teary-eyed Cheech still found a way to joke around, as he thanked the assemblage for their generous contributions to the CRLA and the Latino community in general, despite the recent economic downturn.
Once awareness of these state-protected rights started to be raised in places like Salinas, more and more gay, lesbian, and transgender clients, including Sandra, were walking into CRLA offices.
In a recent telephone conversation with the authors, Luke Cole, the CRLA lawyer who brought the suit, said he thinks that though lawyers considering environmental justice lawsuits may find civil rights claims appealing, they should be prepared for some uncertainty about the outcome.
Keeping Trimbur in mind, I decided that I needed to customize the CRLA model to create a certification process that would encourage tutors to resist a "Mini-Me" identity.
Our research reveals subtle but important differences among CRLA, NTA, and ATP.
Our grant to CRLA fills a vital need in these communities, and we are pleased that it will help CRLA continue providing these valuable services.
The person in this position is responsible for hiring, training, scheduling and supervising writing tutors, maintaining CRLA tutor certification, and managing the Writing Program budget.
Because the employees and volunteers at CRLA are multi-lingual and culturally sensitive, the rural workers and immigrants who become CRLA clients trust that we understand their needs, and care about finding resolutions to their issues.