CRLCCentre for Research on Language Contact (York University; Canada)
CRLCCentral Region Leadership Conference (DECA)
CRLCCapitol Region Library Council (Connecticut)
CRLCColorado Right to Life Committee
CRLCCustomer Resource Life Cycle
CRLCColumbia Regional Learning Center (New York, NY)
CRLCChrist Redeemer Lutheran Church
CRLCCentre Ressources pour Lésés Cérébraux (French: Center for Brain Injury Resources)
CRLCCentre de Recherche en Littérature Comparée (French: Center for Research in Comparative Literature)
CRLCCompagnie Rennaise de Linoléum et de Caoutchouc (French: Linoleum and Rubber Company Rennes; Rennes, France)
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Mexico's ban on imported Chinese workers spurred the CRLC to bring workers from Sinaloa and Sonora.
Almazan argued it was a matter of national security because Americans, including the CRLC, had been and were scheming to acquire part of Sonora, as well as Baja California.
45) In time, the return of thousands of expatriates pressured Mexican officials to negotiate land sales from the CRLC and to develop the region for Mexican farmers.
The Cardenas administration forced the CRLC to sell portions its holdings to repatriates on long-term mortgages backed by the nation's farm bank.
Despite the intense government activity in settling the Mexicali Valley, the CRLC sold few individual plots.
A decade later, he launched a transnational movement on the Baja California borderlands to encourage the landless to petition for the federal government's expropriation and redistribution of the CRLC estate.
Over a period of nine months following its April 1936 contract with the Mexican government, the CRLC had settled only a few hundred colonists.
Although a new governor, Colonel Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada, assured the public that unrest and squatting would not be tolerated, the Cardenas administration gave no assurances to the small landowners who had signed long-term mortgages with the CRLC or to the residents of the territorial cooperatives that their property would be protected beyond the current year.
The stunning announcement came from the chief of the agrarian department, who would remain in Mexicali until the transfer of CRLC property to ejidos was complete.
We discovered that CRLC students were learning basic skills, earning their GEDs and enrolling in the community college.
We paid particularly close attention to the curriculum materials the CRLC was using to achieve their success--CCP's materials.
My counseling staff and I were impressed by both the CCP methodology and also the results that were being obtained at the CRLC lab.