CRLSCambridge Rindge and Latin School (high school, Cambridge, Massachusettes)
CRLSCareer Related Learning Standard (Oregon)
CRLSColorado Rural Legal Services, Inc.
CRLSCoastguard Radio Liaison Station
CRLSCertified Renal Lithotripsy Specialist
CRLSCivil Rights Law Society (Columbia University)
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Well, I'm writing to say that I am 100% behind you and your commitment to equity at CRLS.
I am sorry that this recent dispute regarding choice at CRLS with members of the school committee has been so heated and seemingly adversarial, and, while last night's vote was surely a "victory" for you, I imagine it might feel somewhat hollow.
As I write this in the fall of 2002, CRLS has just entered its third year of the redesign.
Unfortunately, I will not renew my contract as CRLS Principal.
After two national searches for a permanent principal, the superintendent appointed a Cambridge elementary principal to head CRLS as of September 2002.
No one was pretending that CRLS was a high- achieving school or that we lived in a community of "decency and trust.
Now, I want to highlight the dilemmas we faced at CRLS and some of the collisions between the assumptions inherent in the work I had done for years with the Coalition of Essential Schools and the Annenberg Institute for School Reform and the reality of the school I entered -- the reality of many large, mostly urban schools in this country.
Of the 2,000 students at CRLS, 60% are students of color.
On the other hand, at our graduation ceremony in June 2001, our salutatorian, barefoot at the podium, spoke of diversity, which, she said, was something always talked about at CRLS but rarely seen in action.
They then designed a plan of action (which I read, cover to cover, before I started) and brought it to the CRLS faculty for a vote.
At CRLS, as at most schools, the assumptions did not apply widely.
Helping parents to make sense of the inequities and opportunities at CRLS was a challenge that none of my previous work had prepared me for.