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CROChief Risk Officer (corporate title)
CROContract Research Organization (aka Clinical Research Organization)
CROClinical Research Organization (Pharmaceutical/Regulatory)
CROCathode-Ray Oscilloscope (electronic test instrument)
CROCentre Régional de l'Occasion (French: Regional Center of Opportunity)
CROCompanies Registration Office (Ireland)
CROChapter Relations Office (American Library Associations)
CROCombat Rescue Officer (US Air Force)
CROChief Restructuring Officer (corporate title)
CROConversion Rate Optimization
CROCommunity Reuse Organization (various locations)
CROChief Revenue Officer
CROCenter for Radiation Oncology (Brandon, FL)
CROChief Research Officer (corporate title)
CROCave Rescue Organisation (UK)
CROControl Room Operator
CROCommunity Relations Office
CROCrisis Response Operations
CROCentral Reservation Office (shipping)
CROCriminal Records Office
CROClick Rate Optimization
CROClub Race Officer (sailing certification)
CROCentral Regional Office
CROChief Range Officer
CROCustomer Relationship Officer
CROCommunity Resource Officer
CROCounty Records Office (UK)
CROCommonwealth Relations Office
CROCentral Records Office
CROChemical Release Observation (three satellites: CRO-A, -B and -C; Strategic Defense Initiative Organization)
CROChurch-Related Organization
CROCombinatoire et Recherche Opérationnelle (French: Combinatorics and Operations Research)
CROComplaints Resolution Officer (Australia)
CROCreole/Creole (language)
CROClassique Rallye Organisation (French car club)
CROClinical Research Officer
CROColumbia Recovery Office
CROCOMSEC Responsible Officer
CROChange of Reporting Official
CROCivil Rights Officer
CROCharacter Read Out
CROComplete with Related Order
CROContinuity Recheck Outgoing (ITU-T)
CROCongressional Relations Officer
CROComponent Repair and Overhaul (engineering)
CROCetos Research Organization (Bar Harbor, ME)
CROColorado Recorder Orchestra
CROCathode Ray Oscilloscope/Oscillograph
CROCognizant Regional Office
CROCommunity Redevelopment Office
CROCollection and Recycling Organisation
CROContinuous Reliable Operation
CROCreative Roleplaying Organization (live action roleplaying games)
CROCanceling Returns Only
CROCommunity Reuse Program
CROCancel Rerouted Overflow
CROClock Reference Oscillator (AT&T)
CROCodice di Riferimento dell'Operazione (Italian: bank money transfer)
CROCriterion Reference Objective
CROCreative Rescue Organization (Chicago, IL)
CROChannel Replenishment Operations (Hewlett-Packard)
CROCheque Requisition Order
CROContractor Repair Only
CROCINC's Requirements Office (JBC)
CROCombat Replenishment Operations
CROContainer Release Order (international shipping)
CROCommand Reporting Organization
CROCustomer Resolution Officer
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Sponsors of large, global Phase III clinical trials want a competitive CRO market with plenty of quality CROs with global reach to choose from.
SanaClis also leads and manages CRO alliances on a project-specific basis.
The CRO Advantage: CROs bring with them a wealth of experience of working with many different products, regulatory regions, organizations and quality systems, which allows them to quickly integrate into the operations of the sponsor organization.
The CRO position has the potential to wield considerable power within an organization.
In 2009, China's CRO market ranked second in Asia behind India but ahead of Singapore.
Although a majority of Asia-Pacific CRO firms are small to mid-size with access to limited resources, they are capable of moving up the value chain and execute large orders.
CRO desktop installations utilizing a virtual desktop emulation environment, such as Citrix server, can minimize deployment and ongoing support costs for both CROs and their outsourcing partners.
Because it is new to many insurance companies and because the CRO job description varies so widely across organizations, French said the CROs are a bit confused themselves about what their responsibilities are.
Therefore, ascent to the CRO slot might be a career aspiration of ambitious risk managers who have designs on entering the C-level executive arena.
So how does a CRO differ from a pharmaceutical, biotechnology or medical device company?
Our cover story, "Microscope or Binoculars" (page 21), describes the roles of the risk manager and CRO and introduces people who have chosen each path.