CROTCarnitine Octanoyltransferase
CROTCommercial Release on Time
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Payments attributable to capital improvements made to a part of the landlord's building other than the leased premises do not qualify as rent for CROT purposes because they are not payment for use or occupancy of the premises.
Tender notice number : MPPD/TENDER NO -38 & Work No: CROT Set
Bivins BA, Crots L, Obeid FN, Sorensen VJ, Horst HM, Fath JJ.
In New York State, the intent of the CROTS system is to attain an average catch rate of one fish for each two hours of fishing effort over either part or the entire fishing season.
Although Lawrence doesn't use white space or numbering or section titles or any other typographical device to separate crots or to mark shifts in genre in "On Being Religious," the reader does experience some of the "crazy leaps of logic" Weathers attributes to effective crot use (15).
The crots presented snapshots of experiences and understandings from multiple perspectives, in multiple languages, to be considered simultaneously within the temporal limits of the production.