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CROWCenter for Research on Women (University of Memphis; Tennessee)
CROWCountryside & Rights of Way Act 2000 (UK)
CROWClinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife, Inc. (Sanibel Island, FL)
CROWCompact, Rugged, Operational, Wearable
CROWConsciousness Repairing Our World
CROWCombat Recruit of War (British army)
CROWContinuous Rod Warhead
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I am not really a black crow, but an enchanted Prince, who has been doomed to spend his youth in misery.
At the same moment the crow appeared and hopped all round the room with joy.
The captain immediately ordered a halt: the hunters now came up and announced that a large war-party of Crow Indians were just above, on the river.
In a little while he beheld the Crow warriors emerging from among the bluffs.
They painted in strong colors, to the poor Canadian voyageurs, the risk they would run of perishing with hunger and thirst; of being cut off by war-parties of the Sioux who scoured the plains; of having their horses stolen by the Upsarokas or Crows, who infested the skirts of the Rocky Mountains; or of being butchered by the Blackfeet, who lurked among the defiles.
Any crow of sense could see that you are only stuffed with straw.
Tulkinghorn goes, as the crow came--not quite so straight, but nearly--to Cook's Court, Cursitor Street.
It was for neither a scream nor a crow that she was watching, it was for the reappearance of Peter.
At this invitation, the Crow stepped out and felt Pinocchio's pulse, his nose, his little toe.
Verily, I myself am the scared crow that once saw you naked, and without paint; and I flew away when the skeleton ogled at me.
Except in the corner, where a multitude of crows hopped and fought over the skeletons of the dead the Martians had consumed, there was not a living thing in the pit.
Upon the very top of the structure was perched a figure representing the Scarecrow himself, and upon his extended arms, as well as upon his head, were several crows carved out of ebony and having ruby eyes.