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CROWNConsistent Regional Outstanding Winner in Nutrition (award)
CROWNConsolidated Renal Operations in A Web-Enabled Network (Center for Medicare and Medicade Services)
CROWNCommunity Research for Oral Wellness Network (Cape Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH)
CROWNCity of Renton Outdoor Wireless Network (Renton, WA)
CROWNCentralised Resources Over Wide Area Network
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Bates's, he may get there from the Crown in a hop, step, and jump.
Still further, Monsieur de Treville gains ten thousand crowns a year; he is therefore a great noble.
Cast by your icy crown and sceptre, and let the sunlight of love fall softly on your heart.
Effingham had, from the commencement of the disputes between the colonists and the crown, warmly maintained what he believed to be the just prerogatives of his prince; while, on the other hand, the clear head and independent mind of Temple had induced him to espouse the cause of the people.
yes, monsieur le cardinal, I am well aware I am poor, and yet the crown of France is worth a million, and to perform a good action I would pledge my crown if it were necessary.
So he went home again; and as he came near he saw his wife Ilsabill sitting on a very lofty throne made of solid gold, with a great crown on her head full two yards high; and on each side of her stood her guards and attendants in a row, each one smaller than the other, from the tallest giant down to a little dwarf no bigger than my finger.
No crown of life is promised to the town of Smyrna and its commerce, but to the handful of Christians who formed its "church.
But wait, the worst is that on the next day, when I wanted to take the crown to buy tripe, I found a dead leaf in its place.
Once more, with a quick blow, he rapped Eric beside the head, and ere he could regain himself, Little John slipped his right hand down to his left and, with a swinging blow, smote the other so sorely upon the crown that down he fell as though he would never move again.
When they had gone and the King was alone with Dorothy he came down from his throne, tossed his crown into a corner and kicked his ermine robe under the table.
But here sits a very holy man, and I shall give him a crown for his prayers.
Then to the Rose Dame Nature spoke, and crowned her with "a costly crown with shining rubies bright.