CRPACentro Ricerche Produzioni Animali
CRPACanadian Radiation Protection Association
CRPAControlled Reception Pattern Antenna
CRPACalifornia Rifle & Pistol Association
CRPAControlled Radiation Pattern Antenna
CRPAColumbia River Packers Association
CRPACentre Regional Planning Agency
CRPAContinuum Random Phase Approximation (nuclear physics)
CRPACentre for Research, Planning and Action (India)
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CRPA did not confer a higher risk for mortality in any analysis
Segun la CRPA, los derechos ancestrales tienen naturaleza de ley comun--common law--como consecuencia de los numerosos tratados firmados entre la Corona y las primeras naciones.
Respecto al CRPA, seis meses despues de la intervencion, tres jugadores (participantes 2, 4 y 7) mostraron un descenso que supera el criterio de cambio establecido, siendo la puntuacion media antes de la intervencion de 77 (DT= 22.
The Exelis CRPA helps mitigate signals that interfere with aircraft systems and thus helps the KC-46 perform its fuel delivery mission, keeping aircraft airborne.
2 du rapport de la CRPA stipule: << Que toute personne qui se presente elle-meme comme Metisse et qui est acceptee comme telle par la nation metisse a laquelle elle desire etre rattachee, en fonction des criteres et des modalites determines par la nation soit reconnue comme membre de cette nation pour les negociations de nation a nation et en tant que Metisse a cette fin >> (3).
Briefings will cover GPS/IMU Deep Integration, funded A/J Programs, JASSM A/J, small CRPA, and A/J for platforms.
GPS: Modernized GPS (L1C, L2C, L5, M-code), Anti-interference, GPS/inertial, and CRPA (Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna) testing
IEC developed the CRPA that is the basis of the anti-jam system on the CALCM.
Frankly," he continued, "it is disappointing, though not surprising, that the LAPD has fallen back on its old habits, as CRPA noted this morning when it announced the two legal actions.
Spirent GPS Simulator Chosen for CRPA Wavefront Testing
High Dynamics Simulation, Multiple Satellite Configurations, CRPA Testing