CRPRCentre Region Parks and Recreation (State College, PA)
CRPRCoalition for the Restoration of Parental Rights
CRPRComplex Responsive Processes of Relating (human relation therapy)
CRPRCalifornia Roundtable on Philosophy and Race (annual conference; various locations)
CRPRCabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
CRPRCounty Rare Plant Register
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Clive Reeves, CRPR "Why don't they freeze benefit payments at the level when first claimed, why pay for any extra children people have, after all my boss certainly won't give me a rise if I have another child.
Press Inquiries & RSVP's: CRPR Craig Lipton, 415-577-7687 crlipton@crpr.
CRPR is an independent pension advocate group of former Hughes, Hughes Electronics Corp.
CRPR will argue that GM-Hughes used a "sham transaction" to get its fingers on more than $2 billion in surplus pension plan funds.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit found in 1997 that CRPR's complaint is legally valid and CRPR can present proof in the District Court.
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