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CRPSComplex Regional Pain Syndrome
CRPSChronic Regional Pain Syndrome
CRPSChartered Retirement Plans Specialist (College of Financial Planning)
CRPSCentre de Réadaptation Psycosociale (French: Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center)
CRPSCommand Resource Programming Subsystem
CRPSCommunications Revenue Protection System
CRPSCollaborative Readiness Problem Solving
CRPSContractor Repair Parts Stock
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The CRPS had spread to both legs, her spine, arms and bladder - leaving her wheelchair bound.
Clinical research, such as the ACCURATE study, has demonstrated that DRG stimulation can provide superior pain relief in patients with CRPS compared to traditional spinal cord stimulation therapy.
Elle emet le souhait d'integrer l'equipe de basket du CRPS et parvient a participer aux championnats de France en sport adapte.
The team tested how quickly people with CRPS processed visual information in the side of their environment nearer to their painful limb compared to the other side of the environment.
001) fivefold reduction in the incidence of CRPS was observed.
Patients with CRPS typically present after a minor injury or surgery with pain that is unresolved and disproportionate to the inciting event.
There is compelling evidence that patients with CRPS may develop movement disorders (MDs) including loss of voluntary control, bradykinesia, dystonia, myoclonus, and tremor.
On follow-up 1 mo after discharge, the patient's pain remained under control with gabapentin only, he did not show signs of CRPS, and he continued to ambulate with crutches.
CRPS is a chronic pain condition that can eventually spread to encompass the entire body.
Early recognition of CRPS, with acute inflammatory changes, may lead to rapid and effective treatment with corticosteroids.
CRPS is diagnosed if the patient has at least one sign in two or more categories and at least one symptom in three or more categories, in the absence of alternative explanations [4].
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