CRRBChange Request Review Board
CRRBCzech Registry of Renal Biopsies (Czech Republic)
CRRBContract Requirements Review Board
CRRBChronic Radiation-induced Rectal Bleeding
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Later the same week on another trip into Baghdad's International Zone (IZ), the CRRB legal team begins their morning as usual.
Yet despite the threat to life and limb, members of the CRRB continue to come together three days a week because everyone believes in the end result.
Based upon their decision, the individual will either be immediately released, forwarded to the CCCI liaison office for prosecution, or forwarded to the CRRB review section for continued internment for security reasons.
The JA can contact the detaining unit to see if the additional evidence exists, refer the file to the CRRB for a security evaluation, or recommend the individual for immediate release.