CRRUChildcare Resource and Research Unit (Canada)
CRRUCetacean Research & Rescue Unit (UK)
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The Cryptanalysis Team works closely with FBI Headquarters, the National Gang Intelligence Center, and other federal agencies to disseminate actionable intelligence derived from CRRU decryptions.
The documents were immediately sent to the CRRU for decryption.
Cryptanalysts in the CRRU examined the numbers and notations on the documents.
The 1997 letter containing the enciphered declaration of war was recognized as a key piece of evidence and submitted to the CRRU for analysis and decryption.
In May 2006 a cryptanalyst/forensic examiner from the CRRU explained the complex encipherment process to a federal jury in Southern California.
Charity spokeswoman Dr Barbara Maas said: "Sadly, strandings occur relatively frequently, and without the expert assistance of the CRRU, hundreds of dolphins and whales would die needlessly.
During 2005 CRRU examiners deciphered records and communications from street and prison gangs, violent criminals, drug traffickers, organized crime groups, and domestic terrorist groups.
In August 2005 the FBI's Tampa Field Office requested CRRU assistance in deciphering an encrypted letter written by Joseph Smith to his brother.