CRS2cAMP (Adenosine 3'5' Cyclic Monophosphate)-Responsive Sequence 2
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Tenders are invited for Purchase of CRS2 for delivery between july 5,2016 to september 1, 2016.
1 LS contract bond; 219 ton blotter material cl 44; 73,798 gal CRS2 emulsified asphalt; 8,074 ton aggregate for slurry seal-type III; 2,67,972 gal asphalt emulsion for slurry seal; 1 LS mobilization; 1000 MHR flagging; 4,334 unit traffic control signs; 45 ea type iii barricade; 87 ea delineator drums; 750 ea tubular markers; 2 ea sequencing arrow panel-type C; 2,83,104 LF pavement marking groove; 1,872 SF pvmt mk painted-message; 3,07,175 LF short term 4" line-type NR; 5,461 LF short term 8" line-type NR; 768 SF short term message-type nr; 739090 lf pvmt mk painted 4in line; 12,936 LF pvmt mk painted 8" line.
1 LS contract bond; 21,616 gal CRS2 emulsified asphalt; 2,589 ton aggregate for microsurfacing type III; 85992 gal asphalt emulsion for microsurfacing; 1 LS mobilization; 100 MHR flagging; 1,874 unit traffic control signs; 14 ea type III barricade; 92 ea delineator drums; 257 ea tubular markers; 1 ea sequencing arrow panel-type C; 1,67,164 LF short term 4in line-type nr; 5,350 LF short term 8" line-type nr; 1,68,817 LF pvmt mk painted 4" line; 5,350 LF pvmt mk painted 8" line.
NASAs selection of SNC for the CRS2 program will enable spacecraft reusability and runway landings for United States cargo delivery and access to the ISS through 2024.
Business Insider Reports on NASAs CRS2 Award to SNC & Others: On Thursday, NASA announced the awardees of its second round of Commercial Resupply Services (CRS2) contracts, which will cover cargo deliveries to and from the International Space Station (ISS) from 2017 through 2024.
SNC was featured by the Washington Post as a winner of NASAs CRS2 contract Jan.