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CRUDCreate Read Update Delete
CRUDCreate Update Delete
CRUDCustomer Reported Unique Defect (software quality)
CRUDChalk River Unidentified Deposits
CRUDChopper Riding Urban Dwellers
CRUDColoradans Running Ultra Distances
CRUDCreate, Retrieve, Update, Destroy/Delete
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Since many people in a leadership or architecture role in data warehousing are descendents of the information engineering age, they should be familiar with the CRUD matrix and its techniques.
Tis the season to be merry, especially if you've managed to avoid catching a cold or the flu while those around you have been laid low by the winter crud.
Now, researchers have discovered that scouring a crystal's surface on an atomic scale can hasten dissolution, just as scrubbing a pot makes it easier to wash away the crud.
Instead of being filled with negative crud, I'm open to a renewed awareness of God's love and the innumerable gifts of the Spirit within me.
I suppose that included in your hearsays is that crud about your cousin.
how he stamped around my mother's kitchen in his crew cut and big black boots, whacking his finger in her face, drilling holes with his army voice repeat after me, i cannot hear you, nod your head, and she did, sitting bent over the dark oval of the kitchen table, nodding till her face drooped into a waxy blur tears steaming down her face like scouring fluid, saying, yes i hear you, yes, i swear sometimes, i want to waltz in, turn the big wooden clock in that kitchen back, and spit on my father, like i would spit on my shoe, rub the crud off, the dull residue gathered from trudging through this world, i want to spit hard, and rub, down to the deepest grain, down to my father's leathery skin, that is my skin, down to the pores, where it all begins.
The Arfon winners were Oliver and Osian, from Ysgol Felinheli; Awen and Elin from Ysgol Crud y Werin were the Dwyfor winners and Rhodri and Sion from Ysgol Maenofferen won first prize in Meirionnydd.
Resume of crud oil pumping from Kirkuk oilfields to the Kirkuk / NINA /-- A source in the Oil Company of North , " announced the resumption of pumping of crud oil from Kirkuk oilfields to the Turkish port of Jeyhan after stopped due to a sabotage act near Shiqat district before two days.
The basic idea is the same for any firearm: Before you get out any oils, solvents or miracle cures, get as much crud off as you can with "dry" brushes and a clean cloth.
When the pellets did finally burn, the combination of this extra space and primer and propellant fouling would create a nasty crud ring where the pellets and sabot/bullet met.
The CD-ROM contains material on using Mongrel in Ruby applications, employing Rails plugins, mastering Rails routing, using CRUD and REST in rails applications, and understanding how Ruby's style informs effective Ruby design.