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CSABCadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
CSABComputer Sciences Accreditation Board
CSABComputing Sciences Accreditation Board, Inc. (ACM)
CSABCombat Support Aviation Battalion
CSABCommunity Services Advisory Board
CSABCivil Service Appeals Board
CSABConfiguration Status Accounting Board
CSABCustomer Service Advisory Board
CSABCalifornia Strawberry Advisory Board
CSABCommander's Situational Awareness Brief (USJFCOM)
CSABCentre Social et d'Animation du Biollay (French: Center of Social and Animation Biollay)
CSABCivil Society Advisory Board (UN)
CSABCommunity of Small American Business
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Designed and manufactured in Australia, the CSAB is available from any Custom Fluidpower branches.
In August 2012, the CSAB, chaired by Petrasanta, was formed to craft accreditation rules.
The anti-graft czar held that the FEO CSAB disregarded the criteria and forthwith accredited Werfast despite its non-submission of clearance from the PNP Directorate for Intelligence, lack of authority to operate a delivery service, and lack of accreditation by the Department of Science and Technology.
While working at CSAB, I was getting ready to go to a conference.
Hamburg will serve as chairman of the hematopoietic stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant committees for the CSAB.
CSAB, along with the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, feels that this requirement is appropriate for an information systems program".
The first CSAB meeting was held at the UC School of Pharmacy in December 2007.
The CSAB targets the 31-series MOS for Military Police Corps noncommissioned officers selected for appointment to warrant officer positions in MOS 311A.
The CSAB targets the 31-series Military Occupational Specialty for noncommissioned military police officers selected for appointment to warrant officer positions in the 311A MOS.
Cadbury announced in March that it was hoping to sell off CSAB, and at that time investors believed the business was worth over [euro]7 billion.
Very few undergraduate Computer Science degrees are CSAB accredited and one of the major barriers is the requirement that some of the faculty have P hDs in Computer Science.