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CSABCadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages
CSABComputer Sciences Accreditation Board
CSABComputing Sciences Accreditation Board, Inc. (ACM)
CSABCombat Support Aviation Battalion
CSABCommunity Services Advisory Board
CSABCivil Service Appeals Board
CSABConfiguration Status Accounting Board
CSABCustomer Service Advisory Board
CSABCalifornia Strawberry Advisory Board
CSABCommander's Situational Awareness Brief (USJFCOM)
CSABCentre Social et d'Animation du Biollay (French: Center of Social and Animation Biollay)
CSABCivil Society Advisory Board (UN)
CSABCommunity of Small American Business
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While working at CSAB, I was getting ready to go to a conference.
Hamburg will serve as chairman of the hematopoietic stem cell therapy and bone marrow transplant committees for the CSAB.
CSAB, along with the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, feels that this requirement is appropriate for an information systems program".
The first CSAB meeting was held at the UC School of Pharmacy in December 2007.
According to the MILPER message, active and mobilized reserve component Soldiers are not authorized to participate in the CSAB program.
According to the MILPER message, Active Guard Reserve, Mobilized Reserve and National Guard Soldiers are not authorized to participate in the CSAB program.
Differences in cross-lagged coefficients between the CSAB and each indicator of adjustment are provided in Table 2.
The CSAB report, though, finds that alternative estimates of the annual costs of compliance with the OSHA ergonomics rule may reach $100,000,000,000.
In 18 months, the CSAB and UNSTB confederations managed to affiliate 25,000 workers, including motor-bike-taxi drivers, market shopkeepers, tailors, dressmakers and the Cotonou port agents.
At a hearing of the Joint Economic Committee in Congress, Murray Weidenbaum, CSAB chairman and former presidential economic adviser, said the reform effort has run out of steam and a new thrust is needed.
119) The criteria are offered in compliance with the standards, rules, and regulations that were established by the CSAB, and those defined by the Commission on Recognition of Post-secondary Accreditation ("CORPA").
The CSAB figures that for every dollar spent on regulatory enforcement, another $20 is spent on compliance costs by the private sector.