CSAFCampus Sustainability Assessment Framework
CSAFChief of Staff, United States Air Force
CSAFChemical-Specific Adjustment Factor
CSAFCenter for the Study of Alternative Futures
CSAFCanadian Scottish Athletic Federation
CSAFCambodian Student Association of Fresno (California)
CSAFControlled Shear Affinity Filtration
CSAFCzechoslovakian Air Force
CSAFChristian School Athletic Fellowship
CSAFCouncil on Student Activity Funds
CSAFCompound Specific Adjustment Factors
CSAFCenter of Strategic Analysis and Forecasts
CSAFChristian School Athletics Fellowship
CSAFCzech-Slovakia Anarchist Federation
CSAFCS Adaptation Function
CSAFcombat scene of action frequency
CSAFComplex-Specific Assembly Factor
CSAFCommunity Service Approval Form
CSAFCustomer Service Agreement Form
CSAFCustomer Service Action Form
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With chemical-specific toxicokinetic or toxicodynamic data, a CSAF or DDEF may be developed, resulting in
1 (15 Guide (12 June July 2005) 2008) Approval Budget Office HQDA CSAF Director Board Funding No specific No specific No specific fund fund fund Timeline to IWN-120 REF-90- 60 days IOC days 360 days JUON-120 ONS-90 days-2 years days-2 years Solution 70-80% 80% None goal % specified Joint Navy SOCOM Rapid Joint urgent Urgent Needs SOFCIDS-U acquisition operational Process process need name Primary CJCSI SECNAVNOTE USSOCCOM document 3470.
CSAF [Czechoslovak Anarchist Federation], Bloody Mary, P.
CSAF message date-time group 270200Z Jan 68, Korea--Pueblo Incident--Military Cables, vol.
First, the airstaff has convened an aircraft survivability integrated product team co-chaired by the Directorate of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and the Directorate of Operational Requirements, with members from across the airstaff, to expedite resolution of issues brought forward by the EWOSS and to keep the CSAF informed on progress achieved on the study.
His previous assignments included Commander, 18th Wing; Vice Director for Operations, Headquarters North American Aerospace Defense Command; Commander, 325th Operations Group; and CSAF Chair, National War College.
Finally, the CSAF should consider sending a "personal for" message to AOC directors and deputy directors emphasizing the primacy of the counterair framework as opposed to the IAMD approach.
The service's STEM workforce strategy, Bright Horizons, was signed by former CSAF Gen.
The Other Space Race belongs on the CSAF Reading List for 2016
Jumper, 2002 CSAF Quality of Life Survey: Chief's Sight Picture, published letter, 20 August 2002.
The CSAF Fellows Program is a prestigious opportunity to develop some of the Air Force's most talented officers," Moseley said.