CSAPCenter for Substance Abuse Prevention (formerly: Office for Substance Abuse Prevention)
CSAPColorado Student Assessment Program
CSAPChild Sexual Abuse Prevention (various organizations)
CSAPCommunications Sector Alliance Program
CSAPCentre Social Alexis-Peyret (French: Alexis-Peyret social center)
CSAPConseil Supérieur des Administrations Parisiennes (French: High Council of Parisian Administrations; France)
CSAPColorado State Assessment Program
CSAPCouncil of State Association Presidents (Pittsburgh, PA)
CSAPComprehensive Student Assistance Process (Philadelphia, PA)
CSAPClub Sportif Amphion-Publier (French sports club)
CSAPCitizens for a Sensible Airport Plan (various locations)
CSAPCivil Society Alternative Process (Freetown, Sierra Leone; also seen as CSAP-SL)
CSAPCertified Strategic Alliance Professional (Association of Strategic Alliance Professionals)
CSAPComputer Security Accreditation Plan
CSAPCore Service Access Point
CSAPCommunity Sleep Awareness Partner
CSAPCommunity Service Assistantship Program
CSAPCredit-Based Slot Allocation Protocol
CSAPcomp.sys.amiga.programmer (Usenet newsgroup)
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From the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), we obtained school-by-school staffing data that included counts of librarians and library assistants, both those endorsed and those not endorsed by CDE, and CSAP reading scores.
Under the terms of the SPF SIG awards, states were required to develop strategic plans and submit them to CSAP for review and approval (step three of five steps).
The CSAP SPF-SIG program acknowledged that complex interventions may exhibit certain characteristics that make them difficult to evaluate and measure:
The change comes following an 18-month process with ratification at a June AGM of the CSAP society.
The CSAP program teaches: Safety Awareness & Ways to Avoid Attacks, How to Carry and Properly Deploy Pepper Spray, Verbal Commands and Presence, Training Drills & Defense Against Simulated Attacks with Inert Practice Sprays, Post Deployment Advice, and Simple Self-Defense Techniques.
The Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative competitively funded 48 sites in 2002 as 3-year cooperative agreements, geographically located nationwide; 34 of these sites agreed through data-sharing agreements with CSAP to participate in a standardized data collection and submission protocol that used common process, dosage, and outcome instruments in order to evaluate their local prevention interventions.
If an elementary class is engaged in an integrated, inquiry-based science unit, achievement in science will increase and achievement in reading will increase as measured by District Level Tests and CSAP Reading scores.
I give [CMHS Director] Kathryn Power much credit on the federal action agenda and [former CSAP Director] Beverly Watts Davis on the Strategic Prevention Framework, as well as other people throughout SAMHSA.
Frequencies and percentages were calculated for each survey question to determine the extent of CSAP programs.
Minority students performed significantly better than average in every measure of the CSAP reading exam, and the district's achievement gap narrowed.
We wanted to examine how educators and policy makers in Colorado have come to accept, without question, the premise that Latinos in general and Spanish-speaking students in particular, as well as bilingual education programs, are the reason for the gap in achievement on CSAP assessment tests.