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CSARCombat Search And Rescue
CSARCisco Cell Segmentation and Reassembly
CSARCentre for Sustainable Aquaculture Research (UK)
CSARComputer Services for Academic Research
CSARCenter for Substance Abuse Research
CSARChannel System Address Register
CSARCell Segmentation and Reassembly (Cisco)
CSARConfiguration Status Accounting Report
CSARCenter for Soil and Agroclimate Research
CSARChilliwack Search and Rescue
CSARCenter for Scientific Anomalies Research
CSARCentralized System for Analysis and Reporting
CSARCircular Synthetic Aperture Radar
CSARCoherent Synthetic Aperture Radar
CSARCritical Safety Analysis Report
CSARComponent Stress Analysis Review
CSARControlled Substance Administration Records (narcotics)
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However, it was during the United States' involvement in the Vietnam War, between 1965 and 1975 when CSAR really came of age.
CSAR is at the heart of a space mission like no other--a standards lab in space called the Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial--and Helio-Studies or Truths.
For processing near-field CSAR data, a common way is back-projection (BP) algorithm which is an extension of the computed tomography (CT) imaging in medicine [4, 19].
13) At the same time, Air Force CSAR squadrons, known as "air rescue squadrons," became "rescue squadrons.
In WWII, early Luftwaffe and Royal Air Force (RAF) attempts to organize CSAR services for downed aircrew met with varying success.
Whitcomb establishes precisely why CSAR performance during Desert Storm was lackluster: they were equipped with poor communication tools and untested GPS systems and were soon to be involved in a real war.
In the test bed, technicians use huge, interactive video screens and modeling, simulation, visualization and analysis systems to connect with the GIG and test various CSAR scenarios, explained Lockheed systems engineer Fred Keller.
The OIF and OEF situations highlight the need to reexamine the application of air and space doctrine to the CSAR mission area to determine if there are more effective means for utilizing CSAR forces in current and future contingency operations.
Prior to the arrival of the new helos, the FAF exhibited its upgraded CSAR Puma equipped with a new Thales (Paris, France) self-protection system, including a chaff/flare dispenser.
As we integrate CSAR into AFSOC, we need an investment strategy for the people and systems that will ensure our success in their mission area in the future.
If there's a real CSAR situation, we might have to fly with either the F-16s or the A-l0s, or with another nation," he said.
Today, the term CSAR has been subsumed into the broader concept of Personnel Recovery (PR) as the number of aircraft lost over hostile territory has - with the exception of helicopters - shrunk dramatically.