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CSATCenter for Substance Abuse Treatment
CSATCustomer Satisfaction
CSATCivil Society Action Team (International Council of AIDS Service Organizations)
CSATChemical Security Assessment Tool (US DHS)
CSATClient Satisfaction
CSATCollege Scholastic Ability Test (South Korea)
CSATCertified Systemic Art Therapist (counseling)
CSATCertified Sexual Addiction Therapist
CSATCivil Services Aptitude Test (Union Public Service Commission; India)
CSATCharter School for Applied Technologies (Buffalo, NY)
CSATCombined Systems Acceptance Test
CSATCrew System Associate Technology
CSATComputer Security Awareness and Training Program
CSATCivil Service Arbitration Tribunal (United Kingdom)
CSATConstellation Sustainment Assessment Team
CSATControlled Substance and Alcohol Testing
CSATCertified Specialist in Analytical Technology
CSATCombat System Alignment Test
CSATCommand Systems Assessment Team
CSATCommon Situation Awareness Tool (innovation research)
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It is to be noted that students have been pursuing the government for last 6 months regarding their demands related to the controversial CSAT issue.
There are many issues surrounding the CSAT process, such as competency and conflicts of interest, already mentioned above.
The CSAT advisory states that some of the substance use patient behaviors that could be most indicative of TBI include consistent failure to complete tasks, lack of interest, inappropriate social behavior, lack of self-awareness, and frequency of irrelevant statements in one's speech.
CSAT seeks to test a range of abilities and skills -in terms of comprehension, interpersonal-communication, logical reasoning, decision- making and problem-solving and English language - all at Class X level proficiency.
In a bid to resolve the CSAT row, the government has taken a decision that the marks of English section will not be included for merit.
He makes some interesting assertions regarding the value of spending on CSAT efforts and the potential return and, while, his so-called study seems interesting on the surface, the truth is there is little merit to the claims.
Paul selected a Daniel Defense fixed front sight tower to be used along with his CSAT rear aperture flip up rear for fast, reliable combat sighting.
While I have never trained with Paul, his CSAT school is on my short list of "must do" training operations to visit.
But, if you look at customer satisfaction levels, some of the most active social corporations have registered significant CSAT increases as a result of social activity.
German printing solutions group Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (ETR:HDD) on Wednesday said it had bought digital printing systems specialist CSAT, without disclosing the value of the deal.
Since Romania does not have the necessary resources to buy new multi role combat aircraft, the CSAT has approved the defense ministry's proposal to purchase 24 secondhand F-16 jets, the Council said in a news release at the end of a meeting headed by President Traian Basescu.
CSAT contracted with the Lewin Group, a private consulting group, to oversee the CSAT contracts.