CSBRCenter for Sustainable Building Research
CSBRCenter for Social and Behavioral Research (University of Northern Iowa; Cedar Falls, IA)
CSBRCentral Samui Beach Resort (Thailand)
CSBRCentre for the Study of Biblical Research (California)
CSBRCombined Statement of Budgetary Resources (financial management)
CSBRConical Spouted Bed Reactor (engineering)
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In the experiment the sulphide concentrations in the effluents of neither ASBR nor CSBR exceeded the inhibitory levels (150 mg [L.
In the CSBR the effluent from the anaerobic reactor was recycled through an aeration system.
The CSBR was operated during 68 days under the operational conditions described in previous experiments.
The highest COD removal efficiencies, exceeding 65% in the CSBR, were observed at the same (from 6 to 8 kgCOD [m.
Last but not least, the exceptional stability of the CSBR process should be noted.
Second, the CSBR methodology was tested on data obtained from two controlled field studies in which different users designed application cases based on written task descriptions.
This was done by the CSBR methodology and independently by experts (the researchers).
The reasoning methodology was then applied to the seven remaining applications to determine what kinds of intelligent suggestions could be made by the CSBR methodology.
The second study, in contrast, was conducted to check the performance of the CSBR methodology across dissimilar application domains.
The CSBR methodology appeared to predict the comparison correctly in the majority of the situations.
Through the program, the CSBR will evaluate services and options available to small businesses and make its recommendations available via the Internet (at www.
Companies that have passed the strict screening process established by the CSBR and designated as "small business friendly" also make an investment in the Roundtable.