CSCDCentre for Sustainable Community Development (Canada)
CSCDCommunity Supervision & Corrections Department (Harris County, Texas)
CSCDCenter for the Study of Communication-Design (Osaka University; Japan)
CSCDCascade & Columbia River Railroad
CSCDCTAS Software Change Document
CSCDCoupling-Strength-Control Defect
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8) In CSCD, the last two sentences Ariya imani pativijjhanti, tasma ariyasaccani ti vuccanti ("The noble ones penetrate them; therefore (they are) called ariyasaccas.
9) In both CSCD and PTS editions of Vism, the term ariyo ("the Noble One") is there but it is missing in SN of both CSCD and PTS versions.
Asimismo, el programa CSCD buscaba apoyar los 'Planes de Vida' (4) de las comunidades indigenas e incluir en ellos la utilidad de los medios de comunicacion comunitarios como herramientas validas para promover y fortalecer su identidad y cultura (Correa, 2000, p.
El reto para el programa CSCD era grande debido a que la mayoria de las poblaciones no eran expertas en hacer radio, lo que llevaba a que una de las primeras tareas fuera la capacitacion para asi poder responder las preguntas que el proyecto mismo se planteaba.
Hindemith: Violin Concerto, Bruch: Scottish Fantasia, David Oistrakh (violin), Paul Hindemith and Jascha Horenstein conducting the London Symphony; Classic Records CSCD 6337.
Stravinsky: Petrushka, Ernest Ansermet conducting L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Classic Records CSCD 6009.
On average, CSCDs used 50 work sites during fiscal year 2000 and maintain nearly 4,000 agencies for work sites.
The Hunt County CSCD purchased a bulletin board and placed it in the briefing room of the Greenville Police Department.
CSCD provides an envelope for police officers to leave notes to probation officers and posts a list of offenders on curfew.
Like regular phone service, CSCD is billed on a per-minute basis.
1 Examine year-end financial statements and issue formal opinions as to their fairness, accuracy and comprehensiveness within the framework of the accounting and legal requirements for Webb County and CSCD.
Phase 2 includes equipment for three building including CSCD, Pubic Faciliues/TABC/Parks & Wildlife, and Efections/Technology Services.