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CSCTCentre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (UK)
CSCTCanadian Society for Chemical Technology
CSCTCertificat de Synthèse Clinique et Thérapeutique (French)
CSCTCentral Scotland Countryside Trust
CSCTComprehensive School and Community Treatment (Montana)
CSCTCorresponding Sides of Congruent Triangles (mathematics)
CSCTCell Specific Cancer Therapy
CSCTCombat Support Coordination Team
CSCTCommittee for Site Characterization
CSCTCatholic Social Communications of Thailand
CSCTChiron School of Crystal Therapy (UK)
CSCTCoherent Scattered Computed Tomography
CSCTCommunications Security Control Terminal
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His observation--on the lack of action in his own classroom--recalls the CSCT model of teacher professional development, which encourages teachers to support student action based on analyzing the ethical implications of the environmental issues studied.
The special staff's coordination with the CSCT increased command visibility on behavioral health issues within the brigade.
Overall, the new upgrade will play a key role in enhancing the bridge way of communication between TROKA CSCT #3, and the Combined Forces Command personnel to coordinate and mobilize forces effectively to achieve success on the battlefield.
Signing this agreement today represents a significant milestone for the CSCT Board and its members," says CSCT president Samantha Waytowich.
An agreement with the New Brunswick Society for Certified Engineering Technologists and Technicians (NBSCETT) extends benefits between the CSCT and this provincial society.
He received the Society's Outstanding Service Award in 1998 and the award of excellence for commitment to growth of CSCT in 2002.
Chemical technology students from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) as well as industry professionals gathered in Saskatoon March 18-19 for the 10th Annual CSCT Western Canada Student Symposium.
He has served as a member of several Society committees, including the CSCT Merger, Technical, Website, and Symposium Committees.
These technologists can also be members of the CIC through their constituent society, the CSCT.
By mid-April 2010, the complete audited financial statements of the CIC, CSC, CSChE and CSCT will be available in both official languages on the CIC website and on request from the executive director.